Web design

sheshnjakAfter long use of DHTML for this web and others that I did, came the time to switch to CMS system. As most of contemporary web sites are powered by WordPress (it is estimated that around 17% of all web sites are powered by WordPress), I decided to go with the flow – with a few customizations. Old version of my personal web is still available at GitHub repository.


zzuumSmall tourist agency from Zadar already had good looking and functioning web site that required some optimization and adjustments in back-end. End result is faster and more responsive web site better suited for mobile devices because main audience are young people travelling as tourists looking for places to stay and things to do in Zadar.

vacationhousemarinaVacation house Marina is my second project done in WordPress. I used advantages of this platform. Simple adding of reservations module, galleries etc. is time saving and gives you robust results without lots of debugging. Responsive design adjusted for mobile platforms is also a big time saver. After this project I definitely decided to migrate my personal web to WordPress.


apartmanieugenpedisicApartments Eugen Pedisić are situated by the seashore near the center of Turanj. This was my first WordPress site, and I have to admit that CMS works pretty good for small sites athough it requires changing some developer habbits. Site was built during February of 2012 and it is not live any more, so links get you to static version on GitHub repository.

delfin-turanjDelfin Turanj is advertizing apartments and autocamp in Turanj, in a quiet place near Turanj center and main beach. Owners are Jerko and Ema Jačan, young couple already experienced in lodging services. Site was built in August 2010. on but it is currently offline.

dalmacija-ribolovDalmacija ribolov d.o.o.(Dalmatia fishing) catch and sale of small pelagic fish, especially pilchard and anchovies. Catch is mainly used as tuna food in the Jadran tuna farm, and the rest is marketed as fresh fish or raw materials for processing. It was built in June 2010. and redesigned to match visual identity of some other ownership related firms in December 2010. It is available on

jadran-tunaJadran tuna is one of the worlds most successful bluefin tuna farms. They fish for small bluefin tuna, farm them and then export them (mostly to Japan, where it’s meat is highly appreciated). You can find information about bluefin tuna species, farming process and fishing fleet on Site was built on October 2009.

apartmani-puntaMy second commercial project was much like the first one: apartments on Adriatic coast that needed Internet advertising, because old school agency and other conventional ads lost their importance. These apartments are situated in Pakoštane, and belong to young family Juričin. Texts are written in English, German, Czech and Croatian, and you can see it on GitHub repository.

apartmani-danaI did my first commercial web design project for Pedisić family in Turanj, They wanted to advertise their apartments on Internet after a long period of conventional off-line advertising. Site has seen the day light at march 2006. and it was a success: number of reservations started to rise and the site had returned investment in one month. You can see that verison of the site in Croatian, English and Italian on GitHub repository. In the meantime, this site was updated to WordPress as you can see on

vkcroatiaMy first web project was a web site for local water polo club. I did it voluntarily as homage to club where i learned to play water polo and I’m trying to help my club in this (and some other) way. It is written in Croatian and English. Site is active since 2003. and you can see first version on GitHub repository.

vkCROATIAredizajnIn summer 2007. came the new site design, mostly because of technology change (CRT to LCD) and average sreen resolution growth. Rows of text became to wide and hard to follow, and what was once a great benefit became a great disability. Relative widths were definitely out these days.

Before the Summer 2012. I have put the WordPress backend to the web site without changing the design, and it works great for this project.

Mastering your web

In case you like the design of this web-site, you may be interested in looking at my portfolio. If you want to hire me for making your own web-site or web-site for yourcompany, I can offer fairly fast design that will be suitable for your needs.

Also, if you don’t have much experience with Internet, I can help you register your domain and find web hosting company for your site. And if you already have a web-site, but you need someone to redesign it i can do that too. Of course, with consent with original designer. In case that you are interested in some of this, contact me on


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scripting / animation .:.
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design / illustration / graphic .:.

Graphic design

In case you need a new visual identity or just a new logo, you can contact me by e-mail (containing some basic informations about your need), and you might like one of my few concepts I will send you.

The same is if you need graphic setup and proof for your leaflets, bulletins, promotion flayers, or some other promotional materials for print. Just e-mail me, and I will try to send you a few ideas of how I think it would suppose to be.

Here are some of my previous works:




pocket calendar for Water Polo Club Croatia Turanj, year 2004

pocket calendar Turanj, year 2005


pocket calendar for Water Polo Club Croatia Turanj, year 2006

Business cards


business card

business card for “Silva” taylor workshop

tourist business card